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  • Take your business card to the next level with our Spot UV business cards.
  • When you want to highlight a specific element in your card, whether it's a logo or watermark design, spot uv is the way to go. An ultraviolet coating is applied to the card to create a glossy finish that gleams and reflects light, giving your business card a unique, one of a kind look and multi-textured.
  • Spot UV business cards are more effective when used with the right design on dark backgrounds, which will create enough visual impact to make your cards noticeable and distinctive. Some ideal design elements that spot uv can be applied on include your entire company or personal logo, large typefaces, spots of color, patterned backgrounds, and watermarks. Not recommended are small text or fonts, as the spot uv finish might be too thin to be seen, and in some cases might even shift and not align with the art.

Standard Size: 2" x 3.5"

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